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Elder Investment, Finance, and Lending

When you no longer work, it’s important to have money working for you

  • Access to Professionals

    Easy and informed access to professionals and specialists for your money matters

  • Quality Life

    Find products and services that meet your needs for a quality life in retirement and old age

  • Investment Strategies

    Retirement and Care strategies for investment and longevity

  • Insured Investments

    Low Risk and insured investments that assure your future and lifestyle

  • Find Professionals

    Find professionals who know and understand to be in Your Senior Team


Licensed and experienced to offer investment products and services.

Certain Life Insurance policies offer investors future returns and seniors an early buyout.

Offer short term loans for assisted living and care costs until other moneys arrive.

Veritable annuities offer seniors dividends and payments for low-risk investments.

Certified and experienced for plans and strategies for retirement, aging, and managing wealth.

Have their series 7 license and recognize the importance for seniors to make safe investments

Licensed and certified lenders offer home owners loans based on the equity in their home.

Investments for Seniors

The Professionals you’ll find here are well versed and experts in the types of investments that serve seniors best.


Veritable Annuities

Guaranteed principal with compounding interest for lifetime dividends


Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds

There are higher levels of risk to consider in these products.


Life Settlement

Cash out the equity in your life insurance policy.


Real Estate

Build equity for your future and collect rental fees.

Loans for Seniors

Find professionals who can present you with the right types of lending options.

Reverse Mortgage

Receive a loan against the equity in your home.

Bridge Loan

A temporary loan to move forward with care and assisted living.

Home Loan

Available when equity is available, and qualifications can be met.

Personal Loan

Requires collateral and ability to show payments can be made.

Fast and easy for seniors to connect with professionals for investment, finance, and lending.


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Money success is a matter of life


“There are so many options for retirement so finding an investment advisor gave me the confidence to place my money in places that will continue to work for me and for my heirs. I’m glad I didn’t wait."

Jim Landers
Retired Fireman
Phoenix, AZ

“I didn’t want to move out of my home, but I needed money to pay some bills, so I spoke to a Reverse Mortgage Broker, who explained how much control I had over the equity in my house. That it was up to me how much I loaned, and when I would stop taking money. Thank you for making it easy to find information and the benefit of my broker. "

Sheila Perosavich
Retired Educator
Ventura, CA

“Time flies even when being retired. I had IRAs I had to cash in and pay taxes on the earned income until I found a CFP who spent the time going over my wealth and circumstances and helped me to put together a plan so that I wouldn’t run out of money, while also deferring the tax from being income. "

George Rodriguez
San Diego, CA